Automate Status Changes

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Learn how to streamline and “Automate Status Changes” for a more efficient workflow. Using’s automated system, this user-friendly guide will provide you with actionable steps to set up automation that updates older connection statuses, thus keeping your process organized and up-to-date.

  • Discover the use of ‘scenario’ feature in automating task updates on
  • Understand how to search for specific statuses in a selected group within the application.
  • Learn to employ the ‘search items in the board by column values’ function to target and adjust specific task statuses.
  • Find out how to select relevant board and column IDs for focused searches.
  • Master how to set command parameters for specific automated actions, such as updating statuses for tasks beyond specific timeframes.

Automate Status Changes

I’m going to actually walk through and build a scenario. I will tell you this scenario I have not built before. I am building it live on the fly in front of you and this is kind of different than the videos I’ve done before on the channel. If you like it give it a thumbs up, maybe subscribe for the next one, let me know you like it and I’ll start doing more of these.

In the past what I’ve done is I’ve kind of built scenarios that deal with like a function or a particular feature of a scenario to kind of help you with your skills but this time I’m going to build it start to finish right in front of you, mistakes and all and we’re going to build this.

So let me tell you a little bit about the use case. The use case is you’re looking at my board for LinkedIn and this is how I manage connections with people. I have a young lady that helps me with these, she researches these and so we keep track of everyone I’ve tried to connect with, where they are in the status of connecting and if they potentially turn into a lead that maybe I could work with in the future.

A lot of times we send these connection requests and people just don’t respond. They don’t want to connect, they don’t say anything, you know, I don’t know, maybe they’re not alive anymore, whatever it is, whatever reason it is, they don’t connect with me. So what we want to do is we want to withdraw those requests but we want to create a status here that says withdraw request, that looks and says hey is this request over 30 days old? If so, change the status to withdraw request and then the person I work with will go and they’ll withdraw those requests and we’ll have a record of that in

So what we need to do, I have a group here called connection requests sent and in this group I want to search it for any requests that are over 30 days. So you look over here on the right hand side, I have a created date and so this is the date that this item in was created. So I’m going to look for any of them that are older than 30 days. So right now it is December 19th, you know, October 29th is this top one, 28th, several from those. Those are obviously over 30 days are updated here, says they were updated over two months ago. So we’re going to jump into that and I’m going to show you how to build the scenario to flip these statuses. We’re going to run it once a day, I’m going to flip these statuses in

I’ve created a new scenario in Make (Integromat) and I’m going to click right here. I’m going to type Monday and I’m going to wait for the list to populate. I’m going to click on Monday. Now I’m going to look at the items here. What I need to do is search. So if I type down here the bottom search, I want to search items in the board by column values. That’s exactly what I want because if I go back over here, what I want to do is I want to search anything that has the lead status as connection request sent. I don’t need to search the whole board, just ones that have that status, which are also in this particular group.

All right, so I’m going to go over here. For now I’m going to put limit 2 just so I can test and see what’s going on here. I’m going to pick my board. Now you can pick your board here. This is the wrong connection. Right here is what I need. So I can go over here to my board. If I turn off full screen, right here’s my board ID. I could paste that in, which I think I might just do, or I can select from a list. So I’m going to click map. If I don’t click map, if I turn that off, you got a whole list here I can pick from. I’m going to turn that on and I’m just going to paste the ID right there. Now the problem with that is now I need to know what the column ID is and to search it. And I think maybe I don’t want to do that. So I’m going to go back here and flip this on. And this is the one I need. LinkedIn sales pipeline leads. I go up here. LinkedIn sales pipeline leads. So that is the board that I need. So we’ll go over here. The column ID I want to search is back over here. I’m looking for lead status. So that’s the one I want. So lead status is right there. And the column value I’m going to need to type the, let’s see, inner string values labels instead of numeric values. So my label is connection request sent. Now, hopefully I spelled that right. And we’ll go from there. Okay. So the output values. Now, what values do I need to update this? Well, really the only thing I need is that date created. So I’ll go over here and I do created. So what I’m putting in here is the output column values. So when it finds something instead of giving me all the data and using up a bunch of data that I don’t need to use, I can tell it which ones I need. So by default, I’m going to get the ID back for the item in Monday. Now I’m going to get the creation log or the created date. And then I’m going to use that to filter, make sure they’re older than 30 days before I change the status. So that really should be all I need. I’m going to click OK. I’m going to hit save. Hit save often. Whenever you hit save, it creates a version.

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