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Done For You eCommerce Workflow Automation

What is eCommerce Automation?

eCommerce workflow automation is the process of using integration and automation platforms that complete repetitive tasks for you, rather than doing them yourself. While some aspects of an eCommerce workflow still require human input, a significant number of eCommerce tasks can be automated quite successfully.

Automation works best for repetitive daily tasks that are performed in a consistent way.

Benefits of eCommerce Workflow Automation

The most obvious benefit to eCommerce automation is the amount of time it adds to your day. When the mindless and repetitive part of your daily workflow is being handled by automation software, you have more time to focus energy on growing your business and engaging customers.

Other benefits include constancy and accuracy. Because you're letting a computer handle your repetitive tasks, you can be confident they will be handled in an appropriate and consistent way. With automation platforms, your tasks are performed based upon how you want to run your business, and the software follows your instructions every time.

Ultimately, eCommerce workflow automation allows your business to run in a more professional way while easing the workload on you and your team. You can spend your time and energies on tasks that truly matter...tasks that require a human touch.

What We Do

Our goal is to make your life, as an eCommerce business owner, easier! We work to bring all of the benefits of time savings, reduction in errors and professionalism that automation provides to your eCommerce business.

We also aim to do this in a way that requires as little of your time as possible, because we know you are busy running a successful business.

Who We Help

Our Potential Clients...

  • Run an existing and profitable eCommerce store that sells a large volume of inventory or high-ticket products.
  • Spend at least 10+ hours per week on manual tasks directly related to eCommerce sales
  • Use multiple cloud-based systems in their post-sale workflow such as Accounting Software, a CRM / Database, an Email Marketing Platform, etc.
  • Are willing to spend 10-15 hours to work with our team to document and automate their eCommerce processes (don't worry, this will pay off exponentially in the end)

We work with all major eCommerce platforms, including:
WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Kajabi, eBay and more.

Why We're Different

Since 2015 we have worked to create a simple and predictable step-by-step process for automating eCommerce systems that is focused on saving your team massive amounts of time each week. This savings in time will allow you / your team to focus on growing your business or to take more time off to enjoy life!

Our eCommerce Automation Framework

As a process automation service provider, you might expect we have a process we use for our eCommerce Workflow Automation clients...and you'd be right!

Our "CAA eCommerce Automation Framework" is a documented process we follow with every client to deliver on their eCommerce automation needs.

In a nutshell, our 3-step process looks like this:

  1. Captures and Document Client Processes
  2. Plan the Automation Scenarios
  3. Build and Test the Automation Scenarios

For an in-depth conversation about our CAA eCommerce Automation Framework, contact us to setup a call.