Boost Your Productivity: How to Automate Zoom Meeting Notes for More Efficient Workdays

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This article empowers you to automate Zoom meeting notes using Sembly AI and Make, saving you time and improving productivity. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up Sembly AI for automated meeting summaries.
  • Use Make to build the automation process.
  • Format and distribute meeting notes with Evernote and email.
  • Update the Google Calendar event with meeting notes automatically.
  • Improve your efficiency and focus on core business tasks.

By simplifying how you handle meetings with AI and automation, you can enhance your workflow and get more crucial work done.

Automate Zoom Meeting Notes

As a full-time freelancer, you can probably imagine spending hours on Zoom calls with clients. A few months ago, the search for a quality transcription and summary service led to Otter AI, which transcribed and summarized Zoom call audio using AI. However, the process wasn’t automated, leading to manual tasks post-meeting. Seeking a solution, Sembly AI was found, offering automation integration using a web hook to save meeting summaries to Evernote and more.

Setting Up Automation

With Sembly AI, meeting notes are summarized, saved to Evernote, added to the calendar item corresponding to the Zoom call, and emailed to participants and oneself automatically post-meeting. This automation has received positive feedback for its efficiency and accuracy in capturing meeting details.

Building the Automation

Using Make, a visual automation platform, the process involves several steps. The automation searches for a Google Calendar event matching the Sembly meeting, iterates through participants, formats notes in Evernote, sends emails to participants, and updates the Google Calendar event with the meeting notes.

The automation also includes formatting the meeting notes in Evernote, including bold headings and regular text for items, adding tags for organization, and sending emails with the meeting summary to participants.

Finalizing the Process

Once the automation is set up, it seamlessly handles the post-meeting tasks, saving time and ensuring accurate and detailed meeting notes are distributed to all relevant parties. By utilizing Sembly AI and automation tools like Make, freelancers and entrepreneurs can streamline their workflow and focus on more critical tasks.

Overall, automating Zoom meeting notes with Sembly AI and Make can significantly improve productivity and efficiency for freelancers and business professionals alike. By harnessing the power of AI and automation, time-consuming tasks can be simplified, allowing for more focus on essential aspects of the business.


To sum up, we learned that freelancers and business folks can automate Zoom meeting notes with tools like Sembly AI and Make. This allows them to keep accurate records of their meetings and share them effortlessly. By using technology to do the heavy lifting, people have more time to focus on the important things for their business. It’s a smart move to find ways to work smarter, not harder. So, let’s keep looking for more neat tricks like this to make our work even better!

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