Boost Your Online Presence: How Automating Faceless YouTube Channels Can Skyrocket Your Passive Income

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This article is all about automating faceless YouTube channels using 11 labs’ text to speech technology. We’re going to show you how easy it is to use their Make Connection feature so you can automatically turn your scripts into speech, getting your content created faster and more efficiently. Plus, with a big discount available, now’s a great time to give it a try.

  • How to sign up and set up your account on Eleven Labs.
  • Creating automation scenarios for converting text to speech.
  • Using a custom mail hook to send scripts by email.
  • Testing your automation scenario and receiving your MP3 audio file via email.
  • The benefits of automation for faceless YouTube channels.

Automating Faceless YouTube Channels

If you’re a creator and you’re running a faceless YouTube channel, then you’re probably converting a lot of text to voice to create those videos. One amazing platform for converting text to speech or speech to speech is 11 labs. They have a feature called Make Connection, which allows users to automate text to speech on their platform. Today, we’ll walk you through a simple scenario where you can email a script to 11 labs, have it run through their text to speech model, and then receive the MP3 file back via email.

Signing Up and Setting Up ElevenLabs

First things first, you need to sign up on the Eleven Labs website. Currently, they are offering an 80% discount on their plans, making it a great time to try out their services. Once you’re signed in, you can input your text and select your voice preferences. For this scenario, we’ll use Brian as the voice and adjust the stability and clarity settings.

Creating the Automation Scenario for Automating Faceless YouTube Channels

After setting up your preferences, head over to the Make section on the Eleven Labs platform to create a new scenario. You’ll want to set up a webhook by typing ‘webhooks’ and selecting a custom mail hook. This mail hook will allow you to email data to trigger a scenario.

Name your scenario and mail hook the same for easy reference. Copy the address of the mail hook and paste it into the ‘To’ field of your email. Write your script in the email body and send it to the mail hook address. This action will trigger the scenario to convert the text to speech.

Testing and Receiving the Audio File

Once you’ve sent the email with your script, you can run the scenario in Make to watch for the incoming email. 11 labs will convert the text to speech and send the audio file back to you via email. You can then listen to the MP3 file and assess the quality of the conversion.

By automating this process, you can streamline the creation of content for your faceless YouTube channel and save time on manual conversions. With the power of text to speech automation, you can focus on creating engaging content without the need for a physical presence on camera.


In this article, we learned how automating faceless YouTube channels can be made simpler with the help of Eleven Labs. By using their Make Connection feature, you can quickly convert text into speech by simply mailing your script to them and receiving an MP3 file in return. No need for you to be on camera or do manual conversions. With services like these, running a YouTube channel can become easier and more efficient!

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