Transform Your Meetings: How an Automated Digital Voice Note-Taking System Can Boost Productivity and Efficiency

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The automated digital voice note-taking system excels as a modern tool for conveniently saving and organizing ideas or thoughts via voice memos, facilitating efficient access in the future. This article presents the following simple to understand key learnings:

  • How Easy Voice Recorder Pro can help to capture audio memos effortlessly on the phone and sync them to a Dropbox folder.
  • Ways to utilize and ChatGPT to automate the transcription of voice memos into Evernote notes, including the process of setting it all up.
  • The method of shaping the transcribed texts, generated action items, and relevant tags into a more structured Evernote note, and appending the original audio as a reference.
  • Understanding the benefits of using the automated digital voice note-taking system over traditional methods, in terms of workflow optimization and productivity enhancement.

Automated Digital Voice Note-Taking System

Curating content for your second brain can be a challenging task, especially when you’re away from your computer and you have the best idea ever. Sometimes it can be hard to capture that immediately. Andy O’Neil has just had the most brilliant idea and he must save this to his second brain before he forgets, but he doesn’t have a journal or pen. However, he does have his smartphone. So, he decides to record a voice memo to save this idea to his second brain and create an automation that will use ChatGPT to transcribe his voice memos and add them to his Evernote second brain, complete with a title and tags for the note in Evernote.

Capturing Audio Memos

To capture audio memos on his phone, Andy uses an app called Easy Voice Recorder Pro. He sets up the app to automatically sync his recordings to a Dropbox folder, ensuring that the process is completely automated. By connecting the app to Dropbox, Andy ensures that his voice memos are seamlessly transferred to a dedicated folder for processing.

Building the Automated Digital Voice Note-Taking System Automation

Andy uses, an automation platform, and ChatGPT, an AI platform, to create the automation for transcribing his voice memos into Evernote notes. The automation involves several steps, including watching for new files in Dropbox, downloading the file into Make, transcribing the audio using ChatGPT, generating action items, creating a note name, and adding relevant tags to the note.

By setting up the automation in Make, Andy ensures that his voice memos are transcribed accurately and efficiently. The automation uses ChatGPT to generate action items, create a note name, and add tags based on the content of the voice memo. This streamlined process saves Andy time and ensures that his ideas are captured effectively in his second brain.

Finalizing the Evernote Note

Once the voice memo is transcribed and processed through the automation, Andy finalizes the Evernote note by adding the transcribed text, action items, and relevant tags. He also includes the original audio as an attachment to the note, allowing him to refer back to the recording if needed. The completed Evernote note is organized and structured, making it easy for Andy to access and reference his ideas in the future.

Overall, the automated digital voice note-taking system created by Andy streamlines the process of capturing, transcribing, and organizing voice memos in his second brain. By leveraging automation tools like and ChatGPT, Andy has optimized his workflow and enhanced his productivity when curating content for his second brain.


In this article, we learned how Andy uses an automated digital voice note-taking system to easily save and keep track of his brilliant ideas. By using his smartphone, an app called Easy Voice Recorder Pro, and tools like and ChatGPT, Andy can record his thoughts, save them to a secure location, and then automatically turn them into written notes in Evernote with helpful tags. Now, even when he doesn’t have a pen or paper, he can keep his second brain updated with his best ideas. This shows us how automation can make our work easier and more efficient.

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