How to Use Functions in (formerly Integromat)

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How to Use Functions in (formerly Integromat)

If you’re looking to automate processes more effectively using, formerly known as Integromat, understanding how to use functions is key. This article will guide you through the locations where you can find functions and explain how to use them in your scenarios.

Finding Functions Within

In, you don’t need to install any special modules to access functions. Every module you use in your scenario will offer you an opportunity to add functions. When you open a module and click on any text field, a pop-up window appears. By default, it opens to a tab labeled with a star icon. This tab provides access to all the data your scenario has gathered in previous steps. Moreover, you’ll see other tabs categorized by function types: general, text, math, date/time, and more. These tabs contain a variety of functions you can apply to your data.

How to Use a Single Parameter Function

After you locate the function you want to use, you can implement it directly within the module’s field. For example, let’s consider a scenario where you need to capitalize the first letter of names. You would click on the text function tab and locate the ‘Capitalize’ function. When you hover over it, you’ll see additional details and usage examples. To apply the function, click on it to add it to your text field. An empty parenthesis will appear, within which you can insert the data you wish to capitalize. Complete this step and your data will be transformed as per the function.

Utilizing Functions with Multiple Parameters

Some functions require more than one parameter to work. For instance, if you are looking to add a number of days to a specific date, you will need to use the ‘Add Days’ function from the date and time function tab. When you click on this function, you’ll see a semicolon appear between the parentheses. The semicolon separates the different parameters the function requires. Typically, you’ll enter the original date before the semicolon and the number of days you wish to add after it.


Understanding functions in can significantly boost your efficiency in automating tasks. Whether you need to manipulate text, perform mathematical operations, or manipulate date and time,’s in-built functions have got you covered. With this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to handle a wide range of scenarios in

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