Transform Data Collection: Discover the Best No-Code Web Scraping Solution for Google Sheets

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The no-code web scraping solution for Google Sheets is a super easy way for anyone to gather info from websites right into their spreadsheets without needing to know how to code. Here’s what you’ll learn from this article:

  • How to set up a Google Sheet to collect data from websites.
  • Using and ScrapeNinja, two tools that make this process simple.
  • How to update your spreadsheet with fresh data automatically.
  • Tips for fixing problems if they pop up.

This will make collecting and looking at your data fun and less of a hassle!

No-Code Web Scraping Solution for Google Sheets

Imagine you have a Google Sheet filled with website links and you need to pull data from these websites and put it back into your spreadsheet. This is a common task that can really help with many projects. Today, let’s explore a no-code web scraping solution for Google Sheets that simplifies this process.

Understanding Web Scraping with Google Sheets

Initially, you might think about using Google Sheets’ native importXML function to scrape data. However, this method often falls short of reliability and flexibility. Instead, we’re going to use a more robust approach using a no-code platform called and a web scraping API from ScrapeNinja.

With these tools, Google Sheets will act just like a simple database. We’ll read data from it and then write the updated data back to it. Let’s dive into how you can set this up without needing any coding skills!

Setting Up Your No-Code Web Scraping Solution

First, you need a prepared Google Sheet with columns for URL, title, description, and more. Once your sheet is ready, create a free account on and ScrapeNinja. After logging into, you can create a new scenario and connect your Google Sheet.

Using the ‘search rows’ function, connect your Google account and select your sheet. You don’t need to tweak much here—just proceed and test if can read the URLs from your sheet. Next, add a module for ScrapeNinja and set it up to pull the data you need from each website URL listed in your sheet.

ScrapeNinja will handle the heavy lifting of extracting the necessary data from the websites. Once it pulls this data, you’ll need to write it back to your Google Sheet. Add another module in for Google Sheets to update rows with the new data ScrapeNinja has gathered.

Automating and Troubleshooting Your Data Scraping

After setting up the data extraction and write-back processes, you can automate the scenario to run at intervals—say every 15 minutes or every hour. This automation ensures your Google Sheet is always up-to-date with the latest data from your targeted websites.

However, web scraping can sometimes encounter issues, like a website being down or a failure in data extraction. allows you to handle these exceptions smoothly. You can set filters to skip certain rows or rerun the scenario to try scraping the data again.

The no-code web scraping solution for Google Sheets we discussed today provides a powerful way to automate data collection without needing to write any code. By leveraging tools like and ScrapeNinja, you can efficiently manage and update your data directly within Google Sheets.

If you run into any challenges or have questions, feel free to seek help. Remember, even with a no-code solution, sometimes a little troubleshooting is necessary to get everything running smoothly.

With this setup, you can focus more on analyzing your data and less on the process of collecting it. Enjoy the power of automated web scraping and make the most out of your Google Sheets!


In this article, we learned about a simple way to collect data from websites without needing any coding skills, using a no-code web scraping solution for Google Sheets. This method uses and ScrapeNinja to gather data and update our spreadsheets automatically. This can save lots of time and keep our information fresh. Now, we can focus more on using our data wisely and less on how to collect it. It’s a great tool that helps us work smarter!

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