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This article about chatGPT prompt strategies shows us how to talk to ChatGPT in a way that makes it give us better, more useful answers. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Asking ChatGPT for help in simple ways doesn’t change much.
  • Telling ChatGPT to ask us questions gives us much better answers.
  • Sharing details like business partnerships helps ChatGPT give more specific advice.
  • These methods make talking to ChatGPT more like a helpful chat where we learn a lot.

Unlocking the Secrets of ChatGPT Prompt Strategies

Over the past six months, the world has been on a mission to discover the most effective ChatGPT Prompt Strategies. Recently, the Chief Science Communication Officer at OpenAI shared insights on how best to use prompts with ChatGPT. This revelation, initially shared by Dylan Watkins on TikTok, has sparked a lot of interest. But before diving into these strategies, it’s important to highlight another tip from the same officer at OpenAI. Instead of telling ChatGPT to do something, it’s more effective to ask for its help. This approach encourages ChatGPT to ask questions, leading to more tailored and useful responses.

Testing ChatGPT Prompt Strategies

Let’s put these ChatGPT Prompt Strategies to the test. In one scenario, we asked ChatGPT to simply “give us three bullet points on how to grow a sassy cabbages business.” The response was generic but decent. However, when we changed the approach and asked ChatGPT to “help us write three bullet points on how to grow cabbages,” the response was surprisingly similar, showing no improvement.

But the real game-changer came when we added a specific instruction for ChatGPT to ask us questions to clarify and improve the quality of the response. With this new prompt, ChatGPT began asking relevant questions about marketing channels, online presence, and sales strategies. This interaction provided much more specific and actionable advice, demonstrating the power of well-crafted ChatGPT Prompt Strategies.

Enhancing Outcomes with Strategic Prompts

From these tests, it’s clear that simply asking ChatGPT to help doesn’t make a big difference. The key is to explicitly ask ChatGPT to ask us questions. This strategy helps ChatGPT understand what it doesn’t know, leading to better-informed and more specific responses.

For instance, when we provided ChatGPT with details about a theoretical partnership with Walmart and our SEO presence, and then asked for advice, the AI was able to tailor its suggestions to leverage the partnership and enhance our online presence significantly. The difference was clear: generic advice turned into strategic, customized recommendations that could really benefit a business.

In conclusion, effective ChatGPT Prompt Strategies involve more than just asking for help; they require prompting ChatGPT to engage in a dialogue. This approach not only enhances the quality of the responses but also makes the interaction with ChatGPT more dynamic and insightful. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or need advice on a personal project, refining how you prompt ChatGPT can lead to much better outcomes.


In summary, the article shows that using chatGPT prompt strategies effectively can really help us get better answers. By asking ChatGPT to ask us questions, we receive more specific and useful advice. This way, we can have a conversation that leads to more helpful tips for whatever we need. Remember, it’s all about how we talk to ChatGPT!

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