3 Reasons Make com is Better Than Zapier

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Hey, friends! Some folks call me an expert in automation, even if I don’t agree. Today, let’s talk about the 3 Reasons Make.com is BETTER Than Zapier. I’ve used both, and I’ve got 3 big reasons to share with you.

1 of 3 Reasons Make.com is BETTER Than Zapier: Make.com Gives You More for Your Money

First, let’s talk about cash. Make.com has a free plan that gives you 1,000 steps every month. Each step is like one thing the computer does for you. If you pay just $9, you get a whopping 10,000 steps! Zapier gives you way less, and it costs more. So, with Make.com, you get more bang for your buck!

Reason 2: Make.com Is Easier to Look At and Use

Now, on to how these things look. When you open Make.com, it looks nice and simple. You can see everything you’re doing and change stuff easily. But Zapier? It looks messy and hard to understand. Even though Zapier just added a way to move things around, it’s still not great. So, Make.com wins again because it’s easier to use.

Reason 3: Make.com’s Routers Make Life Easier

Last but not least, let’s talk about routers. In Make.com, routers help you send your tasks in different directions. You can even copy and paste parts of your plan. No errors, no headaches! In Zapier, this is tough to do and causes a lot of mistakes. So, Make.com is much smarter for big tasks.

To sum it all up, Make.com is cheaper, easier to use, and smarter than Zapier. I use both, but if you want the best, go for Make.com!

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