Professional Make Troubleshooting Services

Monitoring & Troubleshooting Assistant

🛑 Tired of an Inbox Full of Make Scenario Errors?

We Provide Secure Options to Help You Troubleshoot Your Scenarios...and to Keep Your Business Moving!

Error Monitoring

Let our team of Make Partners monitor your critical business scenarios for you.

Turn Off Emails

Turn off your error messages emails from Make. We'll contact you if absolutely necessary.

Scenario Backups

For everyone's peace of mind, we will backups scenario blueprints to Dropbox daily.

How Does Troubleshooting Assistant Work?

  • Make Error Email Received

    We will receive Make email error, warning and account issue emails for your Make account.

    NOTE: Your Make account will be shared with a Make account dedicated to troubleshooting assistants. Please see "Peace of Mind" for more information about security.

  • Client Troubleshooting Options

    You will have three options for each scenario our Troubleshooting Assistant platform monitors.

    1. Investigate All Errors
      For each scenario, you can choose to have a Troubleshooting Assistant investigate all errors from that scenario by default.
    2. Ask Me!
      If you select the "Ask Me!" option for a scenario, then we will send you an email asking if you want a Troubleshooting Assistant to examine the scenario error. We won't proceed until we hear from you.
    3. Do Nothing
      If you select the "Do Nothing" option for a scenario, we will forward you the original error email message from Make, and that's all.
  • Troubleshooting Begins

    If you have selected the "Investigate All Errors" or the "Ask Me!" option (and requested we troubleshoot the scenario) then one of our Make Partners will access your Make account and investigate the error(s).

    Simple Fixes

    We consider the following as simple fixes:

    • Turning a scenario back on due to a one-time platform timeout
    • Adding operations or data to an account to make it to the next renewal date.

    If the fix is simple, we will quickly perform the necessary tasks and send you an email summary of what was done. This summary is also stored in your Troubleshooting Assistant platform.

    Not-So-Simple Fixes

    If a Make error was produced due to more extensive issue (such as data or scenario configuration issues), then the Troubleshooting Assistant will contact you via email, providing as much data as possible to help you understand the source of the error, and when possible to make recommendations for how you can fix the error.

    NOTE: Our Troubleshooting Assistants will not alter your scenario without your consent. 

  • Summary and Recommendations

    When complete, your Troubleshooting Assistant will summarize the observed issues and document any action taken on your account.

  • Need More Help?

    If you need 1:1 assistance editing or altering a scenario, we recommend you book a session with a Make Support Assistant.

Peace of Mind

Account Security

The security and integrity of your Make account is our top consideration. Our Troubleshooting Assistants, who are also Make Partners, will have access to your Make account via a secure password sharing application. At no time will a Troubleshooting Assistant be able to see the full login credentials for the Make account connected to your Make account.

Daily Scenario Backups

For the peace of mind of you, our client, and for the Make Partners that will be interacting with your Make account, we will take daily Make scenario blueprint backups from your account. You may use these backups in any way you want, and sync them from Dropbox to a storage platform of your choosing. These backups are 100% your proprietary property.

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