No-Code Development Coaching

1:1 Coaching to Build Your No-Code Software

Our Approach

We approach no-code development in a very different way than traditional software development. Our approach involves the use of existing SaaS tools to provide the "building blocks" for your company's custom application.

These building blocks may already exist in your company, or they may need to be added. Such building blocks include project management apps (i.e. or Asana), customer database apps (i.e. SalesForce, Zoho CRM, Knack, Tadabase), financial apps (i.e. QuickBooks Online, Wave, Freshbooks) and eCommerce apps (WooCommerce, Shopify)...just to name a few.

We use these "building blocks" as a starting point for creating an application that runs your business your way. This approach greatly reduces the time and resources needed when compared to custom traditional software development. This approach also ensures you have a final product that you can manage while minimizing dependence on expensive software development firms.

Our Done With You No-Code Development Coaching is our highest level of service, our most premium offer, where we teach you absolutely everything you need to build your custom business application. For those looking to learn, be empowered and become a no-code builder, this is for you!

Done With You No-Code Development Coaching

Phase 1: Plan Your Application

Project planning is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your custom application is successful. It's a process that defines all the work needed to meet the requirements of your business, and it should happen before any other steps in your project begin.

Together, with your coach, you will:

  • Discuss the overall purpose of your application
  • Discuss what problem(s) your application will solve
  • Discuss data sources needed in your application
  • Discuss specific application deliverables:
  • Customer Portals
  • Data Sources
  • Data Tables
  • Online Forms
  • User Logins
  • Charts
  • Subscriptions / Payments
  • File Uploads
  • Photo Galleries
  • Kanban
  • Maps
  • Timelines
  • Calendars
  • Discuss specific platforms to use for your project
  • Create project milestones (1 week milestones)

Phase 2: Project Build

This is the phase of coaching where the work gets done. Regardless of what platform you are using to build your app, your coach will work with you on a weekly basis to learn what steps to take to build the custom application for your business.

Together, with your coach, you will:

  • Build your custom application, including:
  • Setup your database
  • Setup third-party integrations
  • Setup data automations
  • Setup forms, data tables, charts, file uploads, etc.

Phase 3: Training Your Team

Some applications require training, and in this phase your coach will work with you to develop a plan for training your team and/or your customers on your application. If training is not needed in your particular situation, this step can be omitted and can be used for building your application.

Together, with your coach, you will:

  • Create a plan to train your team on your new application
  • Create a plan to train existing and new customers on your application

Evaluation: Future Development

Business applications are rarely...if ever “Done.” There are always enhancements and additional features and functionality to build. In this phase, your coach will work with you to explore the next steps of your application, and determine if additional coaching is needed to build the next phase of your project.

Together, with your coach, you will:

  • Discuss the next stage of development for your application
  • Extend coaching agreement (if needed)

Our Coaching Clients Receive:

  • A Weekly One-on-One 2-Hour Video Coaching Call
  • 3 Asynchronous Video Communication Sessions Weekly
  • Up to 10 minutes each, utilizing Loom or other similar program.
  • A Account for Project Tracking and Communication

The Kinds of Clients that See the Best Results

Professionals We Serve

  • Small Business Owners
  • eCommerce Store Owners
  • Service Providers
  • Agency Owners
  • Freelancers

Common Attributes

  • Have an existing business
  • Have existing profitable business model
  • A strong desire to learn how to build DIY no-code tools for their business
  • An openness to learning new and challenging things
  • An openness to a new way of using technology and serving clients

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