Unlock YouTube Playlist Automation on Make.com: Overcoming Webhook Limitations

If you’re asking “Can I use webhooks with YouTube playlists on Make.com?”, this article explains that while direct integration is not available due to YouTube’s limitations, there are several effective methods to manage your playlists on Make.com. Here are the main things you will learn:

  • Different ways to update your YouTube playlists without direct webhook support.
  • How to use polling to check for updates in your playlists.
  • Options for setting up custom systems to keep Make.com informed of playlist changes.
  • The potential of using third-party services like Zapier for indirect updates.
  • How to use Make.com’s HTTP module to work with YouTube playlists.

Can I Use Webhooks With YouTube Playlists on Make.com?

If you’re wondering “Can I use webhooks with YouTube playlists on Make.com?” you’re not alone. Many users want to automate their YouTube playlist updates directly on Make.com. However, YouTube does not support webhooks for playlists natively. This means you can’t set up a direct notification for new videos added to your playlists. But don’t worry, there are several workarounds you can try!

Understanding the Limitation

Firstly, it’s important to understand that YouTube itself doesn’t provide webhook support for playlists. This means Make.com cannot directly receive updates via webhooks when new videos are added to a YouTube playlist. This limitation might seem like a roadblock, but there are alternative methods to manage this.

Exploring Workarounds and Solutions

Since direct integration isn’t available, one common approach is using a polling trigger. This method checks the playlist periodically for any changes. It updates the playlist information on Make.com, although it might not be instant. If you need more frequent updates, consider setting up a custom solution. This involves creating a system that monitors the playlist and informs Make.com when changes occur. Just make sure this custom setup does not exceed YouTube’s API request limits.

Alternatively, third-party services like Zapier can be used. Zapier offers integrations between YouTube and webhooks, allowing you to set up a webhook that activates when a new video is uploaded to a specified channel. This can indirectly help manage playlist updates.

Using Make.com’s HTTP Module with YouTube

Despite the lack of native YouTube integration, Make.com offers an HTTP module that can interact with the YouTube API. Through this, you can manage playlists and upload videos by making OAuth 2.0 requests. This is a more technical approach but opens up various possibilities for managing your YouTube playlists more effectively on Make.com.

In summary, while you cannot use webhooks with YouTube playlists on Make.com directly due to YouTube’s limitations, there are several effective workarounds. Whether it’s through polling, custom solutions, or using third-party services, you can achieve the desired automation for your YouTube playlists on Make.com.


In conclusion, the answer to Can I use webhooks with YouTube playlists on Make.com? is no, because YouTube does not support this directly. However, you can still keep your playlists updated on Make.com by using other methods like checking regularly for changes, creating your own setup, or using other services that work with YouTube. Make.com also has tools to help manage your playlists better, even though it’s a bit tricky. So, with a bit of effort, you can still make it work!

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