Unlock Professional Email Design: How Can I Format Emails Using Make.com for Enhanced Impact?

If you’re asking “How can I format emails using Make.com?”, this article is your helpful guide to mastering email formatting with ease. You’ll learn many useful tips, including:

  • How to use HTML tags to spruce up your emails.
  • Ways to add line breaks and organize information using tables.
  • The importance of selecting HTML as your content type for emails.

How to ensure your emails look good in Gmail by converting text to HTML.

  • Solving issues with new lines in emails.
  • Integrating ChatGPT for better email writing.


How Can I Format Emails Using Make.com?

If you’ve ever wondered “How can I format emails using Make.com?”, you’re in the right place. Make.com offers tools that make it easy to create beautiful, professional-looking emails with HTML. Let’s dive into how you can do this step by step.

Understanding HTML Tags in Make.com

First, you need to know about HTML tags. These are special bits of text that tell the email how to look. For example, you can use <br> to add a space between lines or <table> to make a table. Make.com lets you use these tags to design your emails just the way you want.

Adding Line Breaks and Using Tables

When writing your email, sometimes you need to start a new line. This is where <br> comes in handy. Just put <br> where you want the new line, and you’re all set. Tables are a bit trickier. They’re great for organizing information, but you need to keep them simple. Make sure to minify, or simplify, your table’s HTML code so it works well in all email programs.

Setting the Right Content Type

How can I format emails using Make.com effectively? It’s crucial to select the right content type. When you start creating your email in Make.com, choose HTML as your content type. This lets you use all those handy HTML tags, ensuring your email looks just as you planned when someone reads it.

Remember, if you’re sending emails through Gmail and using special formatting, you might need an extra step. Sometimes, you need to change your text into HTML format using a tool called Markdown to HTML module. This makes sure your email looks right when it reaches someone’s inbox.

Fixing Newline Issues and Integrating ChatGPT

If your emails aren’t showing new lines correctly, it might be because the email is set to plain text. Switch it to HTML, and those issues should go away. Also, if you’re using ChatGPT to write emails, tell it to give you the text in HTML format. This keeps all your formatting just right.

By following these steps, formatting emails with Make.com becomes a breeze. Whether you’re adding tables, creating line breaks, or ensuring your emails look perfect in Gmail, these tips will help you send out stunning emails every time.


After learning about the steps and tips provided, formatting emails with Make.com seems easy and fun! We’ve learned about HTML tags like <br> and <table>, how to keep tables simple, and the importance of choosing HTML as your content type to avoid format issues. It’s also cool how you can fix newline troubles simply by switching your email to HTML format and integrating neat tools like ChatGPT. Now, whenever you wonder How can I format emails using Make.com, you know exactly what to do to send beautiful and well-organized emails every time!

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