Unlock Effortless Content Creation: How AI Subtopic Suggestions on Make.com Can Streamline Your Workflow

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AI subtopic suggestions can help make your big writing projects smaller and easier to manage. Here are some key learnings you’ll get from this article:

  • How to pick the right AI tool for generating subtopics.
  • Setting up your main topic clearly in the AI system.
  • Using AI to find and list subtopics from your main topic.
  • Tips for cleaning up and keeping only the best subtopic ideas.

Exploring AI Subtopic Suggestions with Make.com

When you want to write about something big, it can be helpful to break it down into smaller pieces. This is where AI subtopic suggestions come into play, especially when using a tool like Make.com. Make.com is a platform that helps you do many things automatically, and one of these is breaking down topics into smaller, easier-to-manage parts using AI.

Choosing the Right AI Integration for Subtopic Generation

The first step in getting great AI subtopic suggestions is to pick the right AI tool. Make.com has several AI options like OpenAI, which is really good at understanding and working with language. This makes OpenAI a perfect choice for helping you split your big topic into smaller ones.

Once you choose OpenAI, you’ll need to set it up on Make.com. This means you go to the part of the website where they keep all the tools and find OpenAI. Click on it, follow the steps to connect your OpenAI account, and get it ready to use.

Setting Up Your Topic for AI Subtopic Suggestions

Now, you need to tell the AI what you want to talk about. This is your main topic. You can type your topic right into the OpenAI tool on Make.com or upload a document with your topic written in it. Make sure your topic is clear and organized so the AI can understand it well.

With your topic set up, it’s time to let the AI do its thing. OpenAI will look at your topic and find the key parts of it. It will then break these down into smaller topics or subtopics. This is really helpful because it shows you all the different parts you can write about.

Refining Your AI Subtopic Suggestions

After the AI gives you the subtopic suggestions, you might need to clean them up a bit. This means getting rid of any subtopics that don’t fit well and keeping the ones that are really good. Make.com has tools that help you do this easily, so you end up with the best subtopics for your writing.

Once you have your polished list of subtopics, you can start creating content. Whether you’re writing articles, making posts for social media, or even coming up with ideas for videos, these subtopics will guide you and keep your content focused and interesting.

Here’s a quick example of how it works: Say you receive a new article idea. You use the OpenAI tool on Make.com to break it down into subtopics. Then, you filter out the subtopics you don’t need and keep the best ones. Finally, you use these subtopics to write a new article or create a series of posts. This makes your work a lot easier and helps you cover all parts of the topic.

By using AI subtopic suggestions on Make.com, you can make your writing or content creation process much smoother and more organized. It’s like having a helper who takes a big, confusing topic and turns it into clear, small pieces you can easily handle.


In conclusion, using AI subtopic suggestions with Make.com can greatly simplify the process of breaking down a big topic into smaller, manageable parts. By choosing the right AI tool like OpenAI and setting up your main topic, you can get useful subtopics to guide your content creation. This helps ensure your writing is focused and covers all necessary aspects of the topic, making the overall process more organized and efficient.

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