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The article highlights how Subtopic Extraction AI can make handling large articles much easier by breaking them down into manageable topics. Here are the benefits and key learnings from the article:

  • The use of smart AI tools like Google Cloud Natural Language Processing or Stanford CoreNLP to identify topics.
  • Connecting these AI tools to Make.com to process the article text efficiently.
  • Steps to clean the text, such as removing unnecessary words and formatting.
  • The ability of Subtopic Extraction AI to clearly separate and extract different topics from a single article.
  • How to use these extracted topics to organize content better and improve search engine visibility.

Exploring Subtopic Extraction AI with Make.com

Have you ever wondered how to break down a big article into smaller, easier-to-understand parts? Make.com offers a smart way to do this using Subtopic Extraction AI. This method helps you find different topics within a text, making it simpler to manage and organize information.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Subtopic Extraction AI

To start using Subtopic Extraction AI with Make.com, you first need to pick a smart AI tool. Good choices are Google Cloud Natural Language Processing or Stanford CoreNLP. These tools are great at finding different topics in an article.

Next, you connect your chosen AI tool to Make.com. This lets you send the article’s text to the AI tool. Then, the AI looks at the text and figures out the different topics inside it.

How to Process Your Article Text

Processing your text is an important step. You’ll use Make.com’s ‘Text’ module to clean up your article text. This includes removing any web code, making all letters small, and taking out common words that aren’t needed.

After cleaning up the text, you’ll send it to the AI tool. The AI tool checks the text and identifies the topics. This is where Subtopic Extraction AI really shines, as it neatly pulls out each topic from your article.

Extracting and Using Your Subtopics

Once the AI tool has found the topics, you use Make.com’s ‘Split’ function to separate these topics. Each topic gets its own bundle, which you can then use in different ways.

For example, you can tag and organize your article based on these topics in systems like ClickUp or Pipedrive. This is super helpful for keeping things tidy and easy to find. Plus, using these topics can help make your article better for search engines. This means more people can find your article when they search online!

By following these steps, you can use Subtopic Extraction AI to make your articles more organized and easier to handle. Whether you’re writing for a blog, managing a website, or just organizing a lot of information, Make.com and AI tools can really help you out.


With Subtopic extraction AI at Make.com, we’ve learned a clever way to break down big articles into smaller topics, making them simpler to handle and understand. Using AI tools like Google Cloud Natural She also mentioned thatamp; #Natural Language aising or Stanford CoreNLP, we can easily identify and organize these topics, helping keep our articles neat and making them easier to find online. This is especially useful whether you’re blogging, running a website, or just sorting through lots of info. Thanks to this smart tool, managing content has never been easier!

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