Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording: Tips & Tricks

Learning how to make a Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording helps you remember every important moment and decision. This article shows you simple steps to record your meetings using different devices.

  • How to start and stop a recording on the desktop.
  • Steps to record a meeting using a web browser.
  • Ways to record meetings on your mobile device.

Information on where your recordings are saved.

How to Record a Microsoft Teams

Meetings are essential, but keeping track of every detail can be challenging. Learning how to record a Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording ensures you never miss a beat. Whether it’s capturing a funny moment or a crucial business decision, recording is key.

Recording Microsoft Teams on Desktop

Most meetings happen on the desktop app. Here’s how you can start a Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording:

  • Open the Microsoft Teams desktop app.
  • Join or start your meeting.
  • Find the meeting controls by hovering your mouse near the top of the window.
  • Click the “More” button (with the ellipsis icon).
  • Choose “Record and transcribe,” then “Start recording.”

You can stop the recording anytime by clicking “More” and then “Stop recording.”

Recording on a Browser

If you don’t have the app, use a browser:

  • Open your browser and go to the Microsoft Teams web app.
  • Start or join a meeting.
  • Move your mouse to show the meeting controls.
  • Click “More” (the ellipsis icon).
  • Select “Record and transcribe,” then “Start recording.”

Recording Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording on Mobile

For meetings on the go, use your mobile:

  • Open the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the screen to see the meeting controls.
  • Tap “More” (the ellipsis icon).
  • Choose “Start recording.”

Whichever method you use, the recording stops when the meeting ends. The recording then processes and saves in your OneDrive for Business account. If it’s a channel meeting, it saves in the files or shared channel tab.

Recording a Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording simplifies keeping track of meeting details. It helps everyone stay informed, even if they missed the live event.


Recording a Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording makes it easy to remember what happened during your meetings. You can do this on a computer, through a browser, or even on your phone. This way, even if someone misses the meeting, they can watch it later. It helps everyone stay on the same page and ensures nothing important gets forgotten.

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