Streamline Your Workflow: How Automating Email Forwarding with Saves Time and Boosts Productivity

Automate Email Forwarding with empowers you to simplify your email tasks efficiently. Here’s what you can learn:

  • How to start organizing your emails by setting up scenarios.
  • Ways to find specific words in emails using a simple filter.
  • How to direct emails to different people with the Router tool.
  • The importance of keeping your email’s original look through HTML Body use.
  • How to manage various types of emails in one easy step.

Automate Email Forwarding with

Are you looking for a way to manage your emails better? Automate email forwarding with to save time and keep your inbox organized. This tool lets you automatically send emails containing specific words to another email address. It’s perfect for sorting out spam or making sure important messages get to the right people.

Setting Up the Scenario

To start, create a new scenario in This is your first step to automate email forwarding. You’ll use a feature called “Watch Email” to keep an eye on all incoming emails. This module checks your inbox constantly for new messages.

Configuring the Filter

Next, set up a filter. This filter looks for certain words or phrases in your emails. You can choose a filter like “Text operators: Contains” to find these words. Make sure to set the filter to be case-insensitive. This means it doesn’t matter if the words are in upper or lower case, the filter will still work.

Routing the Emails

Now, use the “Router” module. This tool sends the emails you’ve filtered to different people depending on what the email is about. You can set up many paths in the Router, so emails go exactly where they need to.

For example, if an email has the word “Invoice,” it can be sent straight to your accounting team. This way, the right people get the right emails without any mix-ups.

Maintaining Email Format

When you forward an email, you might want to keep its original look. To do this, use the “HTML Body” option instead of “Plain Body.” This keeps all the formatting, like bold text and pictures, just like in the original email.

Managing Multiple Forms

If you have many different types of emails to manage, don’t worry. You can handle them all in one scenario. Just set up different paths for each type of email in the Router. This makes everything much simpler and keeps your scenarios organized.

Automate email forwarding with to make your email management easy and efficient. With a few setups, you can make sure emails go to the right people, looking just the way they should. Try it out and see how much simpler your email tasks can be!


In conclusion, Automate Email Forwarding with helps you keep your emails in order and saves you time. By setting up scenarios and filters, you can make sure important messages go directly to the right people and keep unwanted spam sorted out. The tool is simple to use and can manage many different kinds of emails all at once, keeping the original formatting in place. Give it a try to see how it can simplify managing your emails!

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