Streamline Your Workflow: How Automated File Upload and Signature with Boosts Efficiency

Automated File Upload and Signature makes signing documents easy and fast. Here’s what you’ll learn from this article:

  • How to set up automatic signing and file uploads using with ShareFile and DocuSign.
  • Why automating your document signing saves time and reduces mistakes.
  • The benefits of keeping track of your document processes clearly.

Automated File Upload with

Are you looking to make signing documents easier and faster? Automated file upload and signature processes can help! With, you can connect ShareFile and e-signature platforms like DocuSign. This makes managing and signing documents super simple. It saves you time and keeps you from making mistakes that happen when you do things by hand.

Setting Up Automated File Upload and Signature

First, go to and start a new setup. Pick ShareFile and set it to notice when a new file is there. This is your start signal. Next, make sure it only looks at the documents you need. After that, add DocuSign into your setup. Choose the option to send your document to be signed. This sends the document to the person who needs to sign it, all by itself!

How Automated File Upload Helps

When you use automated file upload and signature, you save a lot of time. You don’t have to do each step by yourself, which also means fewer mistakes. The whole process of managing and signing documents becomes really smooth. This lets you focus on other important work.

Plus, everything that happens with your documents is recorded. This means you can always see what happened, when it happened, and who was involved. It’s very clear and keeps everyone honest and informed.

Why Choose Automated File Upload?

Choosing to automate file upload and signature with means less time spent on paperwork and fewer chances for errors. It makes everything more efficient and secure. You can see what’s happening with your documents, which helps make sure everything is done right and on time.

So, if you want to make signing documents easier and keep better track of them, try automated file upload and signature with It’s a smart move that can make a big difference in how you handle documents!


In conclusion, using Automated File Host and Signature with makes signing documents really easy and fast. It helps us save a lot of time and avoid mistakes because we don’t have to do each step on our own. This system helps keep all the details about the documents clear and helps everyone stay updated on the signing process. Trying out Automated File Upload and Signature could really help you manage your documents better!

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