Streamline Your Outreach: Automate Gmail Mail Merge Scenarios with Make

The guide on how to Automate Gmail Mail Merge Scenarios with Make shows easy methods to send personalized emails quickly. Through this, you’ll learn:

  • What mail merge in Gmail is.
  • Steps to set up mail merge automation.
  • How to use Make to streamline emailing.
  • The benefits of using automation for emails.

Automate Gmail Mail Merge Scenarios: A Simple Guide

For small operations or sending personalized thank-you emails, automating Gmail mail merge scenarios is highly effective. Mail merge in Gmail allows you to send batch emails that feel personal to each recipient. This guide explains how to set up and automate these emails using Make.

Understanding Mail Merge in Gmail

Mail merge in Gmail uses specific fields like @first name, @last name, @full name, and @email. When you compose an email and include “@firstname” in the greeting, Gmail automatically replaces this tag with the actual first name of each recipient. This way, everyone gets a unique and personalized email.

Automate Gmail Merge Scenarios Using Make enhances your ability to automate Gmail mail merge scenarios efficiently. With Make, you can create scenarios that automatically pull data from sources like Google Contacts or Google Sheets and use it in your Gmail mail merges. Here’s how you can set it up:

  • Using Google Contacts: Most likely, your recipient’s information is stored in Google Contacts. In Gmail, start by composing a new email. Use mail merge tags where you want details dynamically updated. Make can then automate the process of fetching these details and filling them in for each recipient.
  • Using Google Sheets: If your contacts are in Google Sheets, ensure your spreadsheet is well-organized with columns like “First name” and “Last name”. In Gmail, select the mail merge option and link to your spreadsheet. Make will automatically update your email template with the information from the spreadsheet for each recipient.

After setting up your template and recipient list, use Make to preview and send these emails automatically. This saves you time and ensures each recipient gets a personalized email.

Benefits of Using Make for Automating Gmail Merge Scenarios

Automating Gmail mail merge scenarios with Make brings several benefits:

  • Efficiency: Automate the process of sending personalized emails to large lists without manually updating each email.
  • Accuracy: Ensure that each email contains the correct personalized information, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Time-saving: Once set up, Make handles the process, freeing you to focus on other tasks.

By automating Gmail mail merge scenarios with Make, you streamline your email processes, making them more effective and personalized. This approach is perfect for those who need to send out bulk emails but still want to maintain a personal touch.


This article teaches us how to automate Gmail mail merge scenarios using a tool called Make. It shows that you can easily send many personalized emails quickly. This is done by linking contact details from Google Contacts or Google Sheets to your Gmail. Once set up, Make will handle sending these emails for you. This saves time and makes sure each email feels special to the person getting it.

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