Streamline Your Inbox: How to Automate Email Forwarding with for Efficient Management

Automate Email Forwarding with is a great way to make handling your emails easier. This helps you to send important emails to the right people without having to do it yourself every time. Here’s what you will learn from this article:

  • How to start using for your emails.
  • Setting up your email so it watches for new ones.
  • How to use a tool to send emails where they need to go based on what words they have in them.
  • The steps to make sure emails look right when they are sent to others.

How to Automate Email Forwarding Using

If you’re looking to simplify your email management, learning how to automate email forwarding with can be a game-changer. This tool helps you automatically send specific emails from your inbox to other email addresses, which is perfect for organizing important messages or sharing them with team members.

Setting Up Your Email Automation

To get started with, first, log into your account. Click on the “New Scenario” button to begin setting up your email automation. This is your first step towards efficient email management.

Watch and Filter Emails

Add a “Watch Email” module to your scenario. This module keeps an eye on your inbox for new emails. You’ll need to select which email account and folder to monitor. Set a filter to look for emails containing specific keywords you’re interested in. The “Contains” operator is handy here, as it catches all relevant emails, regardless of how the keywords are capitalized.

Direct Emails with the Router Module

Next, insert a “Router” module. This part allows you to direct emails based on the keywords they contain. For example, if an email mentions “Invoice,” it can be sent down a path specifically set up for billing matters. Configure the router to manage different paths for various keywords, ensuring emails end up exactly where they need to be.

Forwarding the Selected Emails

After setting up the router, add a “Forward Email” module. Here, you specify the recipient’s email address and ensure the format of the original email is preserved using HTML content. This step is crucial as it maintains the email’s appearance, making sure it looks the same when it reaches the new recipient.

Example of Automating Email Forwarding

Imagine you have a scenario set up where emails containing the word “Order” are monitored. These emails can be directed to different paths depending on whether they mention “Order Form 1” or “Order Form 2”, and forwarded to different team members handling those orders. This setup not only saves time but also ensures that important emails are immediately directed to the right people.

Why Use for Email Automation?

Using to automate email forwarding can significantly streamline how you handle email communications. It’s especially useful for businesses looking to ensure that emails are always sent to the right person without manual intervention. Plus, setting up multiple scenarios or paths can handle a variety of email types all in one go, making your email management process much more efficient.

By following these simple steps, you can set up to automate email forwarding, making your email management process smoother and more efficient. Whether you’re sorting important customer emails or distributing tasks within your team, provides a powerful solution to help you maintain control over your email communications.


Learning to automate email forwarding with is a smart way to manage your emails better. By setting up different scenarios and paths, you can make sure that emails go to the right people without you having to do it yourself every time. This not only saves you time but also keeps your email organized. Whether it’s important customer messages or team communication, using can really help make your email tasks easier and more efficient.

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