Streamline Your Data: How to Quickly Find Duplicates in Google sheets and Ensure Accuracy

To learn how to find duplicates in Google Sheets, this article covers a variety of easy-to-follow methods ensuring clean and organized data. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the UNIQUE function helps to spot and list unique records.
  • Steps to manually remove duplicates using Google Sheets tools.
  • Using visual aids like Conditional Formatting to see doubles in data.
  • Quick, automated ways to delete repeated information easily.

How to Find Dupes in Google Sheets

Finding duplicates in Google Sheets is a common task that many of us face. Whether you’re organizing a list of contacts, sorting out inventory, or analyzing survey results, removing duplicates is essential for accurate data management. Here are some easy methods to find duplicates in Google Sheets.

Using the UNIQUE Function

The UNIQUE function is a simple way to find duplicates in Google Sheets. Here’s how to use it:

  • Select an empty column: Pick a column where you want the unique data to appear.
  • Type the UNIQUE function: Enter =UNIQUE(A2:B15) in the formula bar, replacing A2:B15 with your data range. This formula will automatically filter out the duplicates and show only the unique values.

Manual Dupe Removal

If you prefer to remove duplicates manually, Google Sheets has a built-in feature for that:

  • Click a cell with data: Choose any cell that has data.
  • Go to the Data tab: Find the Data tab in the menu.
  • Select Data cleanup > Remove duplicates: Click on Data cleanup and then select Remove duplicates.
  • Select columns to include: In the Remove duplicates window, pick the columns you want to check for duplicates.
  • Click Remove duplicates: Google Sheets will process your request and tell you how many duplicates were removed.

Advanced Techniques to Find Dupes in Google Sheets

For those who need a more detailed analysis:

  • Using Conditional Formatting: Highlight the data range, navigate to Format > Conditional formatting, and use a custom formula like =COUNTIF($B$2:$B$15, B2) > 1 to visually identify duplicates in a single column.
  • Automated Methods: You can also use the automated Remove duplicates feature under Data > Data cleanup to quickly find and remove repeated entries.

By applying these methods, you can efficiently manage and find duplicates in Google Sheets, ensuring your data is accurate and neatly organized. Whether you are dealing with large datasets or small lists, these tools are designed to help you streamline your data processing tasks.


In summary, using the methods described, like the UNIQUE function, manual duplication removal, and advanced techniques such as Conditional Formatting, makes it easier to find duplicates in Google Sheets. By applying these straightforward steps, you can help ensure your data stays clean and well-organized, making your work more efficient and accurate. Remember, whether you’re working with big or small amounts of data, these tools are here to help you effectively find duplicates google sheets.

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