Streamline Team Management: Master Google Sheets Workflow Automation with Make

The value of using Google Sheets workflow automation with Make is that it helps manage important tasks easily. Here are key learnings from the article:

  • How to connect Google Sheets with Make to automate tasks.
  • Setting up your sheets to specify where data is located.
  • Creating personalized messages that automatically send through connected channels.
  • Using automation to ensure important communications are never missed.
  • Benefits of the user-friendly features offered on, including a free tier.

Google Sheets Workflow Automation With Make: Simplifying Your Tasks

Imagine you need to tell your office manager every time a new employee joins your team. Instead of doing this by hand, you can use Google Sheets workflow automation with Make. This tool helps you send a message automatically whenever a new name is added to your list. Let’s go through how you can set this up step by step.

Step 1: Connect Your Google Sheets With Make

First, you need to make sure can see when new rows are added to your spreadsheet. You’ll pick a trigger called “Watch Rows” in Google Sheets. This means Make will start its job whenever a new row is added. Next, you need to link your Google account with Make by adding a new connection. Just name the connection, pick your account, and give Make permission to access it.

Step 2: Set Up Your Google Sheets in Make

Now, tell Make where your spreadsheet is. Choose the drive and the specific spreadsheet. Don’t forget to pick the sheet name and mention which rows have your headers. You can also set how many results you want to get each time.

Google Sheets Workflow Automation With Make: Creating Messages

Once your spreadsheet is ready, it’s time to decide what the message should say. You will use the data you mapped from Google Sheets, like the new employee’s name or start date, to make a message that feels personal. Then, connect Make to your Slack and choose whom to send the message to. This could be a specific channel or a person, like your office manager.

With Google Sheets workflow automation with Make, you’re not just sending messages. You can set conditions to decide when to send them, process data from other apps, or even send personalized emails. It’s like having an assistant who makes sure everyone knows what they need to know without you having to do anything!

Best of all, is very friendly for anyone to start using, with a free tier that includes most of its features. So, why not give it a try and see how much easier it can make managing your team’s information?

By using Google Sheets workflow automation with Make, you save time and make sure important tasks are not forgotten. It’s a simple way to connect your tools and make your workday a bit easier.


In conclusion, using google sheets workflow automation with Make can greatly simplify your office tasks. By setting up automatic messages to notify your office manager about new employees, you save time and ensure that important information is always shared promptly. This tool is easy to start using and can be a great help in managing your team’s data efficiently.

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