Optimize Your Workflow: How to Schedule Scwhateverios for Efficient Task Management During Specific Hours

Yes, the article answers the question, “Can I schedule scenarios to run only during certain hours?” by showing you easy ways to manage and time your tasks on Make.com when you need them most. Here are some important points you will learn:

  • How to set up a webhook that starts your scenario right away.
  • How to make sure your tasks run during specific times, like business hours.
  • How to use special settings called variables and routers to decide when your tasks should happen.
  • Ways to save resources by running tasks only when necessary.

Can I Schedule Scenarios to Run Only During Certain Hours?

Many users wonder if they can schedule scenarios to run only during certain hours using Make.com. The answer is yes, you can set specific times for your scenarios to operate, ensuring they run only when needed. This can be incredibly useful for managing tasks that are time-sensitive or need to align with business hours.

Setting Up Your Scenario with Webhooks

To begin, you need to set up a webhook in your Make.com scenario:

  • Navigate to the scenario you want to trigger and ensure it includes a webhook module.
  • Click on the “Webhook” module and turn the “Immediate delivery” option on. This ensures the scenario runs right away when the webhook is triggered.

Configuring the Webhook Trigger

Next, configure the webhook to trigger at your desired times:

  • Set the webhook to activate at specific times, like during business hours or when certain conditions are met.
  • Use variables and routers to control when notifications are sent out. For example, you can set a variable for awake hours (e.g., 6 AM to 9 PM) and use a router to ensure notifications go out only during these times.

This setup allows you to manage when your scenarios are active, helping you save resources and focus efforts during critical hours.

Using Variables and Routers Effectively

Variables and routers are essential in customizing how and when your scenarios run:

  • Set a variable to check the current time against your preferred hours.
  • Configure a router to direct the flow of your scenario based on the time variable. If it’s within your set hours, send a notification or perform a task; otherwise, skip or delay the action.

By following these steps, you can schedule scenarios to run only during certain hours, optimizing your workflow and ensuring that tasks are performed exactly when needed.

Remember, you can also use sequential processing to handle tasks in the order they come in, or set your webhook for instant triggers to react immediately to incoming data. These options provide further customization and efficiency in managing your Make.com scenarios.


In conclusion, the article explains that using Make.com, you can indeed schedule scenarios to run only during certain hours. This is ideal for tasks that need to happen at specific times, like during business hours. By setting up a webhook and using variables and routers, you can make sure your tasks run when they are supposed to, helping you save time and focus on other important work.

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