Never Forget an Event: How to Set Up an Automatic Reminder 3 Days After an Email with

How can I set up an event reminder 3 days after receiving an email? This article will show you how easy it can be using Here are some simple steps you’ll learn:

  • Choosing the right tool to help you set reminders.
  • Setting up a trigger with your email to start the process.
  • Saving important details from your email to use later.
  • Finding the right time to set your reminder.
  • Creating an event in your Google Calendar for the reminder.
  • Making sure your reminder is sent out at the right time.

How Can I Set Up an Event Reminder 3 Days After Receiving an Email Using

If you’ve ever needed to remember something important a few days after receiving an email, setting up an event reminder can be incredibly helpful. Today, we’re going to explore how you can set up an event reminder 3 days after receiving an email using a tool called

Choosing the Right Tool

First, you need to pick a tool that can automate this process for you. is a great choice because it’s designed to handle tasks just like this one. It lets you connect different apps and services so they can work together automatically.

Setting Up Your Trigger

How can I set up an event reminder 3 days after receiving an email? Start by setting up a trigger. In, you can choose an email as your trigger. This means the process starts when you get a new email. It’s like setting a starting line for a race.

Storing Important Information

Once your trigger is ready, the next step is to save some important info. You’ll need details like the email address it came from, the date of the email, and a unique identifier. This information helps know exactly which event reminder to set up for you.

Searching for the Right Time

Next, needs to figure out the right time to send your reminder. It uses something called a search module to find out when the date is 3 days after your email arrived. This step makes sure your reminder comes at the perfect time, not too early and not too late!

Creating the Event

Now, it’s time to create the actual event. With, you can use the Google Calendar API to put this event right on your calendar. This step takes all the information stored earlier and turns it into a real event that you’ll see on your calendar 3 days after the email.

Scheduling Everything to Run Smoothly

The last step is to make sure everything runs on time. In, you can set up a schedule that checks every day if it’s time to send out a reminder. This keeps everything moving smoothly, making sure you don’t forget about your important event.

By following these steps, you can easily set up an event reminder 3 days after receiving an email with This tool not only helps you keep track of important dates but also automates the process so you can focus on other tasks. Whether it’s a meeting, a birthday, or an anniversary, you’ll never miss out on important events again!


In summary, setting up an event reminder 3 days after receiving an email with is a straightforward and handy way to stay organized. By choosing, setting up your email as a trigger, and storing important details, you can ensure that your reminders are timely and helpful. The process involves figuring out the perfect timing for your reminder and scheduling it in your calendar through automated steps. With these steps, you can confidently handle your schedule without worrying about forgetting key events. How can I set up an event beyond receiving an email? provides a simple, efficient solution to automate reminders and keep you on track.

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