Master Array Management: How Can I Find the position of an Item in an Array on Quickly and Efficiently?


Learning “How can I find the position of an item in an array on” is simple with the right functions. This article will teach you key ways to locate and manage data in an array effectively. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to use the map function to find an item’s position.
  • Using the get function to directly access an item at a certain index.
  • Methods for adding new items to an array using slice and add functions.
  • Where to find more help and resources for working with arrays on

How Can I Find the Position of an Item in an Array on

Finding the position of an item in an array on can seem tricky at first, but it’s quite straightforward once you know how to use the right tools. offers several functions to help with this, such as the map, get, and slice functions. Let’s explore how these can be used to locate items within an array.

Using the Map Function to Locate Items

One of the easiest ways to find the position of an item in an array on is by using the map function. This function lets you look through each item in an array and check if it matches the value you’re interested in. If it does, the function will tell you where the item is located.

For example, if you’re looking for the value “def” in an array, you would use the following code:

{{ parseNumber(first(map(1.items; "id"; "value"; "def")))) }}

This line of code checks each item in the 1.items array to see if the “id” field matches “def”. The first function then returns the position of the first matching item.

Getting Specific Values with the Get Function

Another method to find the position of an item in an array on is by using the get function. This is particularly handy when you know the exact position of the item you’re looking for. You simply specify the array and the index, and the function retrieves the value for you.

Here’s how you can use the get function:

{{ get(1.body.values.1; 2) }}

This code fetches the value located at index 2 from the 1.body.values array.

Modifying Arrays with Slice and Add Functions

Sometimes, you might need to insert a new item into an array at a specific position. This is where the slice and add functions come into play. The slice function lets you cut the array at any point, and the add function allows you to insert new items.

Here is an example of how to use these functions together:

{{ flatten(add(slice(1.arrays; 0; 3.newIndex); 3.newValue; slice(1.arrays; 3.newIndex; length(1.arrays)))) }}

This code slices the 1.arrays array at the desired position, adds a new item, and then puts the array back together.

Additional Tips and Resources

To get more help with these functions, you can check out the Make Community and Help Center. These resources offer detailed explanations and more examples to help you master finding the position of an item in an array on Remember, using the right function for your specific need makes the process much easier!


Learning how to locate items within arrays on is simple once you understand the tools available. Using functions like the map to find where items are, the get function to specifically fetch data, and combining slice and add for adjusting arrays makes finding positions easy. Knowing how to manipulate arrays can greatly enhance your projects on Remember, if you ever get stuck or need more examples, the Make Community and Help Center are great resources for extra help. So, whenever you find yourself wondering, How can I find the position of an item in an array on, these tips and functions are your go-to solutions.

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