HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases

In the fast-paced world of modern business, efficiency and automation are key to staying ahead of the competition.

One powerful tool that can significantly enhance your productivity is the HubSpot CRM Integration app for This integration allows you to seamlessly connect HubSpot CRM with any of your favorite apps in just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking to streamline data entry, automate reporting, or synchronize information across multiple platforms, the possibilities are virtually endless. With the HubSpot CRM automation integration on, you can design, build, and automate workflows tailored to your unique business needs.

Example Use Cases

HubSpot CRM Use Case #1

Imagine you run a small online shop and get new customers every day. Using HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases, when someone new signs up, you want to give a really warm welcome. But you’re super busy! So, you set up a system where ChatGPT writes a unique, friendly message for each new customer. This message is then saved in a Google Sheet where you can check it anytime. This way, your customers feel special because they get a personalized greeting, and you save a lot of time.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #2

Imagine you get emails from people who are interested in your business, and you want to keep track of them in one place. With HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases, you can set up a special system. When you get new emails in a certain folder, and they match what you’re looking for, the sender’s information is automatically saved in HubSpot CRM. This way, you don’t have to add or update these contacts by yourself. Everything happens on its own, so you can focus on talking to your new contacts and growing your business.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #3

Imagine you are running a small business and you send out a lot of emails to customers every day. Keeping track of all those emails can be a big job. With “HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases,” you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Every time you send an email, will check HubSpot CRM to see if the person you’re emailing is already a contact. If they are, will automatically create a record of that email in HubSpot CRM. This way, you can always see what emails have been sent to which customers without doing any extra work.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #4

Imagine you receive lots of emails every day and it’s hard to keep track of important ones. With “HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases,” you can make this much easier. When you get an important email in Gmail, you give it a special label. sees this and automatically creates a new deal in your HubSpot CRM, so you don’t have to do it yourself. This way, you can stay organized and never miss an opportunity.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #5

Imagine you’re a business owner who uses HubSpot CRM to keep track of your customers. HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases help you work smarter. Every time you add a new contact in HubSpot CRM, you don’t have to worry about letting people know. Automatically, an email is sent through Gmail. This email can go to the new contact you added, your team members, or anyone else who needs to be aware. This makes sure everyone is updated without you having to send the email yourself every time.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #6

With HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases, you can easily keep in touch with your contacts. Every time someone fills out a form on your website through HubSpot CRM, this setup automatically sends an email. You can choose to send a thank-you note to the person who submitted the form, or you can notify your team about the new submission. This way, you don’t miss any important information, and everyone stays updated without needing to check the form submissions constantly.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #7

Have you ever wanted to keep track of important emails without letting them slip through the cracks? With HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases, you can make this super easy! Imagine getting an email in your Gmail account. When this email matches someone already saved in your HubSpot CRM contacts, a new task is automatically created in HubSpot. This task will then be connected to the contact who sent the email. This way, you stay on top of your important messages and never forget to follow up!

HubSpot CRM Use Case #8

When someone fills out a form in Airtable, their information needs to be updated in HubSpot CRM. This is where HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases come in handy. Imagine, you have a form in Airtable that people can fill out with their contact details or answers to questions. As soon as someone submits the form, notices it right away. Then, it takes the submitted information and updates the same person’s record in HubSpot CRM. This way, you always have the most up-to-date information in both places without having to do it by hand.

HubSpot CRM Use Case #9

Imagine a company that tracks all its sales deals in HubSpot CRM and uses Google Drive for its important documents. With the HubSpot CRM and Automation Use Cases, whenever a new deal reaches the “Appointment Scheduled” stage, it sets off an automated process. First, a list of these deals is created, filtering out any that don’t meet the required criteria. For each deal in the list, a series of documents are generated from pre-prepared templates stored in Google Drive. These documents are customized using information from the deal records, such as client names and dates. Once the documents are ready, they are converted to PDF files. After that, the automated system sends these PDFs as email attachments using Gmail. Finally, the system updates the deal in HubSpot CRM so that it doesn’t get picked up again for document creation in the future.


The HubSpot CRM and automation integration is a game-changer for modern businesses, offering seamless connections to your favorite apps with just a few clicks.

This powerful tool enables you to streamline data entry, automate reporting, and synchronize information across platforms, significantly enhancing productivity.

By leveraging this integration, you can create tailored workflows that keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Embrace the power of automation with and transform the way you work.

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