Fix Your Formatting: How to Avoid Emails Becoming One Big Sentence in

If you’re wondering “What should I do if my emails end up as one big sentence in” this article is here to help! You’ll learn several easy steps to make your emails clearer and more readable:

  • Switching your email setting from plain text to HTML to keep formatting.
  • Using paragraph tags to break up large blocks of text into separate paragraphs.
  • Inserting line break tags for smaller, tidy breaks in your text.
  • When needed, using Markdown to HTML tools for easy formatting.
  • Minifying HTML for complex structures like tables to ensure they display correctly.

What Should I Do If My Emails End Up as One Big Sentence in

Have you ever sent an email through and found that all your text clumped together into one big, hard-to-read sentence? It’s a common issue, but luckily, it’s easy to fix! If you’re facing this problem, you’re probably not using HTML formatting in your emails. Let’s explore how to use HTML to make your emails look great.

Step 1: Choose HTML Over Plain Text

First things first, make sure your email body is set to HTML format in This change will let you use HTML tags to organize your text properly. If you stick with plain text, your email won’t keep its formatting and will turn into that dreaded big sentence.

Step 2: Creating Paragraphs in Your Email

Now, let’s break that text up! If your email draft has big blocks of text or several points, you’ll want to split them into paragraphs. You can do this by replacing double newlines (`\n\n`) with HTML paragraph tags (`

`). This simple step will ensure your email is easy to read and well formatted.

Step 3: Adding Line Breaks with HTML

Sometimes, you might want more control over where your lines break. This is where the `
` tag comes in handy. Insert this tag wherever you want a line break, without starting a new paragraph. It’s perfect for addresses or any place you need to keep things tidy but separate.

Using HTML in your emails can really improve how they look and feel to the reader. Remember, when you’re drafting your message in Make, always check that you’re in HTML mode. This way, your emails will look exactly as you intended, with neat paragraphs and clear line breaks, avoiding the issue of emails turning into one big sentence in

Another handy tip is to use a Markdown to HTML module if you’re comfortable with Markdown. It can automatically handle the HTML conversion for you, making your process even smoother.

Lastly, if you’re including tables or more complex structures in your email, consider minifying your HTML. This step ensures that everything looks right and nothing breaks when your email is viewed on different devices or email clients.

By following these steps, you’ll find that formatting emails in becomes a breeze, and you’ll never have to worry about sending out an email that looks like one big sentence again!


If you ever run into the problem where your emails look like one big sentence in, don’t worry! By choosing HTML format and using simple tags like `

` for paragraphs and `
` for line breaks, you can make your emails easy to read. Just remember to always draft your emails in HTML mode on Now you know exactly what to do if your emails end up as one big sentence in, keeping all your messages looking sharp and professional!

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