Fix Your Email Woes: What Should I Do If My Email Formatting Isn’t Working? Simple Steps To Perfect Emails

If you’re asking “What should I do if my email formatting isn’t working?”, this article will guide you in fixing it with easy steps on The key learnings include:

  • Switching your email to HTML format in for better usage of formatting tools.
  • Converting double newlines into HTML paragraphs to enhance readability.
  • Using break tags for adding single line breaks without extra spacing.
  • Avoiding the use of plain text format to ensure formatting is visible.
  • Checking and minifying your HTML code to prevent formatting issues across different email clients.
  • Ensuring correct email body mapping settings in for proper display.

What Should I Do If My Email Formatting Isn’t Working?

When you find that your email formatting isn’t working, it can be frustrating. But don’t worry, there’s a way to fix it using Here are some simple steps to help you get your emails looking just right.

Step 1: Set Your Email to HTML Format

The first thing to do when your email formatting isn’t working is to check if your email is set to HTML format in This is important because HTML allows you to use tags that can format your text, like making it bold or creating links. By setting your email to HTML, you’re making sure that all these formatting tools are available to you.

Step 2: Convert Newlines to HTML Paragraphs

If your email still looks like one big block of text, you might need to change newlines into HTML paragraphs. In, replace any double newlines (that’s two presses of the “Enter” key) with HTML paragraph tags. This means putting

around your paragraphs. This helps break your text into manageable chunks, making it easier to read.

Step 3: Use Break Tags for Line Breaks

Sometimes, you might want to add a single line break instead of starting a new paragraph. In this case, use the
tag where you want the break. This tag is super handy for when you want to keep things on separate lines without the extra space that comes with starting a new paragraph.

Remember, what should I do if my email formatting isn’t working? Simply ensure you’re using HTML format in, convert newlines to HTML paragraphs, and use break tags for line breaks. By following these steps, you should see a big improvement in how your emails look.

Avoiding Common Formatting Mistakes

Another tip when your email formatting isn’t working is to avoid using plain text format. Plain text doesn’t understand HTML tags, so your formatting won’t show up at all. Always double-check that your email’s body content is set to HTML format in your settings.

If you’re using tables or lots of formatting, you might also want to minify your HTML. This means making the HTML code smaller and cleaner, which can help prevent formatting issues in different email clients.

Lastly, make sure the email body mapping in is set correctly. There should be a specific setting for the HTML content of your email body to ensure everything displays properly.

By taking these steps, you can solve most issues when your email formatting isn’t working. Just a little bit of tweaking in can make a big difference in how your emails are received and viewed.


In conclusion, if you ever find yourself wondering what should I do if my email formatting isn’t working, remember these simple steps can help. Make sure your emails are set to HTML format, switch double newlines to paragraph tags, and use break tags for single line breaks. Following these tips should greatly improve the look of your emails and fix any formatting issues you are facing.

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