Effortlessly Share Your Make.com Scenario Blueprint: Unlock Expert Help and Enhance Your Skills


If you’re wondering “How can I share my make.com scenario blueprint to get help?”, this article is your guide. It shows you how simple steps can let others help you better your scenarios on Make.com. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to save and share your scenario as a blueprint file.
  • The importance of providing extra information and screenshots to explain your problem.
  • Tips on using detailed outputs from your scenario to get specific help.
  • Ways to participate in community discussions to improve your skills.

How Can I Share My Make.com Scenario Blueprint to Get Help?

If you’re using Make.com and need to share your scenario blueprint to get help, you’re in the right place! Sharing your blueprint is a great way to solve problems and improve your scenarios with input from others. Let’s go through the steps on how you can share your Make.com scenario blueprint to get help effectively.

Step 1: Export the Scenario Blueprint

First, you need to export your scenario blueprint. Here’s how:

  • Open the scenario you are working on in the Make.com editor.
  • Look for three dots at the bottom of the editor and click on them.
  • Choose “Export Blueprint”. This will save your blueprint as a JSON file, which is a type of file that stores simple data structures and objects. Don’t worry, it won’t include any private info or secret keys.

Step 2: Upload the Blueprint

Next, you need to upload the blueprint you just saved:

  • Go to a discussion thread where you want help.
  • Upload the blueprint file. It will show up as a link, like “blueprint.json (12.3 KB)”. Now others can see it and give you advice.

Step 3: Provide More Details

To help others understand your problem better, you should provide some more details:

  • Take screenshots of the parts of your scenario that aren’t working right, like module fields and filters.
  • Upload these screenshots in the discussion thread using the Upload icon.

Additionally, you can show what happens when your scenario runs:

  • Run the scenario and click the speech bubble on top-right of each module.
  • Select “Download input/output bundles” for certain parts like triggers or iterators.
  • Save this info as a text file or paste it in the discussion using special code formatting.

By following these steps, you will provide all the necessary details for others to help you fix any issues and make your scenario work better. Sharing your Make.com scenario blueprint to get help is not only about fixing problems but also about learning and improving your skills. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help and share your knowledge too!


This article explained how you can share your Make.com scenario blueprint to get help. By exporting your blueprint, uploading it, and including both screenshots and details about how your scenario runs, others can provide better assistance. Remember, sharing your blueprint with others is a great way to find solutions and improve your scenarios. So, if you ever wonder, How can I share my make.com scenario with someone to get help, just follow these steps to start getting the help you need!

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