Effortlessly Retrieve Your Output Bundle in Make.com: A Step-by- vibrato’sBreathing Techniques Guide

In this article, we answer the question “How do I retrieve an output bundle in Make.com?” by guiding you through an easy three-step method. You will learn:

  • How to start a scenario or find an already run scenario in your history.
  • The way to click on the speech bubble on modules to view and download the output bundle.
  • Different ways you can share the output bundle after you download it.

How Do I Retrieve an Output Bundle in Make.com?

If you’re using Make.com and need to get your hands on an output bundle, you’re in the right place. Retrieving an output bundle in Make.com is a straightforward process. Let’s break it down into simple steps so you can quickly get what you need.

Step 1: Run Your Scenario or Check History

First off, you need to either run the scenario for which you want the output bundle or find it in your history if it’s already been run. Here’s how:

  • Run the Scenario: Simply start the scenario to generate fresh output.
  • Retrieve from History Tab: If the scenario has been run before, go to the History tab, find the scenario, and select it.

Step 2: Access and Download Output Bundles

Once your scenario is either running or selected from history, follow these steps:

  • Click the Speech Bubble: For every module in your scenario, there will be a white speech bubble in the top-right corner. Click it to see the output bundle.
  • Download the Bundle: Look for the option “Download input/output bundles” in the dropdown menu. Selecting this will let you download the data you need for analysis or sharing.

Step 3: Choose How to Share Your Output Bundle

After downloading, you decide how to share this bundle:

  • Method 1: Attach a Text File: You can copy the output data, paste it into a text file, and then attach this file to an email or ticket.
  • Method 2: Direct Sharing: Alternatively, use the direct sharing feature in Make.com to send the output bundle straight from the platform.

By following these easy steps, you can efficiently retrieve an output bundle in Make.com. This process ensures that you can access and use your data without any hassle. Whether you’re analyzing results or sharing them with teammates, knowing how to retrieve an output bundle in Make.com makes your work a lot easier!


In conclusion, understanding how to retrieve an output in Make.com is very helpful and easy to do. Just remember to run your scenario or check the history, click on the speech bubble to get your output bundles, and then decide if you want to share it through a text file or directly from the platform. Knowing these steps will help you use and share your data smoothly with others. So next time you wonder, How do I retrieve an output bundle in Make.com? just follow these simple guidelines!

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