Boost Your Productivity: Master Google Calendar Integrations with to Streamline Your Schedule

Google Calendar integrations with can really help you stay on top of your schedule and keep in touch with your team. Here are some important things you’ll learn:

  • How to connect your Google Calendar with
  • Ways to set up reminders for different kinds of events
  • How to get these reminders directly in Slack
  • Tips on customizing your reminder messages
  • Testing your setup to make sure everything works well

Unlock the Power of Google Calendar Integrations with

Google Calendar is a fantastic tool for keeping track of your busy schedule. But did you know you can make it even better? With, setting up Google Calendar integrations can transform how you manage your time and communication, especially using services like Slack to get reminders about your upcoming events.

Step 1: Create a Make Account and Connect Google Calendar

First things first, you need to create an account on Once you’re logged in, add a Google Calendar module to your scenario. This is where you start building your integration. You’ll need to click ‘Create a Connection’, sign in with your Google account, and give the necessary permissions. This lets work with your Google Calendar.

Step 2: Set Up Your Google Calendar Integrations

Now the fun begins! Choose the Google Calendar module and pick the events you want to track. You can set how early you want to be notified about each event—minutes, hours, even days before! If you have specific types of events you want to focus on, like weekly meetings, you can target those. Don’t forget to connect your Slack account if it’s not already linked.

Step 3: Configure Your Slack Notifications

In this step, you’ll decide how you want to be notified in Slack. Choose Slack as your action app and then select ‘Send Channel Message’ as your task. Pick the Slack channel where you want your reminders to appear. You can even customize your messages with emojis, links, and images to make them stand out and provide all the info you might need at a glance.

After setting everything up, it’s wise to test your Google Calendar integrations to make sure they work as expected. Maybe set up a test channel first to avoid spamming everyone if something goes wrong. You can tweak things until you’re happy with how your notifications are set up.

If you prefer private reminders, has you covered too. You can set up a scenario that sends direct private messages to you in Slack for your upcoming events. This way, you keep your reminders personal and your main channels less cluttered.

By using Google Calendar integrations through, staying on top of your schedule becomes a breeze. Whether it’s for personal reminders or keeping the whole team on track, these integrations ensure you never miss an important event again.


In summary, using Google Calendar integrations through makes managing your schedule super easy. Whether you’re setting up group reminders on Slack or getting personal updates, you won’t miss important events again. It’s all about making your busy life a little simpler and staying organized. Try setting it up today to see how it can help you and your team stay on track!

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