Boost Your Productivity: How to Seamlessly Automate Google Calendar with Todoist Using

To learn how to Automate Google Calendar with Todoist and enhance your planning process, this article offers the following key insights:

  • How to link Todoist with Google Calendar for efficient task management.
  • Steps to customize synchronization settings between both platforms.
  • Benefits of a two-way sync to keep your tasks and events updated automatically.
  • Using to further automate your scheduling work with advanced workflows.

Automate Google Calendar with Todoist Using

If you’re a business owner looking to streamline your scheduling process, learning how to automate Google Calendar with Todoist is a fantastic way to keep your tasks and events organized. This integration allows you to create Google Calendar events directly from Todoist tasks, ensuring everything is always up-to-date.

Setting Up the Integration

First, you need to connect Todoist to Google Calendar. Simply sign into Todoist, click on the gear icon and navigate to ‘Settings’. Under the ‘Integrations’ tab, find Google Calendar and click ‘Connect’. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the integration and select your preferred Google Calendar.

Once connected, you can decide how your tasks and events synchronize. Choose whether tasks from all projects or just specific ones should sync. You can also set the default event duration for new tasks and decide how tasks without a specific time are handled in your calendar.

How to Automate Google Calendar with Todoist

The integration works both ways. Any changes you make in Google Calendar reflect in Todoist and vice versa. This two-way sync keeps both platforms updated, which means no more double handling or missed appointments.

When you create a new task in Todoist with a due date and time, it automatically becomes an event in Google Calendar. Similarly, if you schedule something in Google Calendar, it will show up as a task in Todoist under the project you specified during setup.

Additional Tips for Users

For users of, automating Google Calendar with Todoist can take your productivity to the next level. offers advanced workflows and automation possibilities. For instance, you can create a workflow that automatically generates a Todoist task when a new Google Calendar event is added.

To set this up, connect Todoist and Google Calendar to your account. Create a new workflow with a trigger from Google Calendar to detect new events and an action from Todoist to create tasks. Customize your workflow by setting conditions based on event details like due dates and descriptions.

By setting up such workflows, you ensure that your scheduling is always synchronized, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on managing your calendar and task list manually.


In summary, learning to automate Google Calendar with Todoist using can greatly improve how you manage your time and tasks. This powerful combination helps keep your schedule and to-do lists in sync so you can better focus on running your business. With these tools, you can ensure everything from appointments to deadlines are organized and re-checked automatically.

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