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This article explains how to use to generate content theiras easily and quickly. Here are some helpful things you will learn:

  • How to record and write down your meeting talks.
  • Ways to find important points from your talks using AI.
  • How to come up with new ideas for your blogs or social media from these points.
  • How to sort and polish these ideas so they are ready to share.
  • Steps to create and publish your content online.

How to Generate Content Ideas Using

Every small business owner knows that fresh, engaging content is key to attracting and keeping customers. However, coming up with new content ideas can be challenging. offers a brilliant solution to help you generate content ideas efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using for Content Ideas

Step 1: Record and Transcribe Meetings

First, use a digital tool like Zoom to record your meetings. Make sure the sound is clear. Then, use a service like AssemblyAI to turn the meeting into text. This text will help you find new ideas.

Step 2: Extract Ideas with ChatGPT

Next, clean up your transcript and run it through ChatGPT. This AI will look at your text and pick out important points and themes. These can give you some great hints for new content.

Step 3: Generate Content Ideas

From the key points and themes, ChatGPT will help you come up with new ideas for your blogs, newsletters, or social media.

Organizing and Refining Your Content Ideas

Step 4: Organize and Refine Ideas

Now, take your new content ideas and sort them using a tool like Trello or Asana. This helps you see which ideas are most important. Next, make sure your ideas fit your business and are interesting to your audience.

Step 5: Create and Publish Content

Finally, use your ideas to make great content. Make sure what you create is easy to read and looks good. Then, put your content out there on social media, your blog, or send it out in a newsletter.

Example Workflow Using

Here’s how you might set it up in

  • Record a meeting and save it to Google Drive.
  • Have the meeting automatically written out as text and saved to Google Drive.
  • Use to send the text to ChatGPT and save the ideas it generates.
  • Organize these ideas in Trello.
  • Finally, use again to create and share your content based on these ideas.

By automating the way you generate content ideas, you save time and make sure your content is what your audience wants to see. This not only makes your job easier but can also help your business stand out and draw in more customers.


In conclusion, using is a smart way to generate content Dideas for your small business. By following these steps, from recording meetings to publishing new content, you can create engaging posts and keep your audience interested. not only saves you time but also makes sure your content fits what your audience likes. This method can help your business shine and attract more customers.</.related to code, algorithms.

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