Boost Productivity with Automated Email Forwarding: Master Your Inbox with

This article teaches us about Automated Email Forwarding using to make managing emails easier and more fun. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to set up email forwarding automatically on
  • The benefits of automatic sorting like less spam and faster teamwork.
  • Extra tips to keep your email safe and organized.

Exploring Automated Email Forwarding With

Automated Email Forwarding is a smart tool that helps manage your emails better. Imagine you get lots of emails every day. Some of these emails are very important, like messages from your boss, while others might not be that important. Automated Email Forwarding helps by moving emails you pick, like those from your boss, to a special place so you can see them more easily. is a website that makes this easy to do.

How to Set Up Automated Email Forwarding

First, you go to and create a new plan called a scenario. This is like making a new folder or a rule in a game where you decide what happens to certain emails. You add something called a “Watch Email” module. It’s like having a helper who watches your emails and checks if they match what you’re looking for, like if they have a special word.

Next, you set up a filter. This means you tell your helper to only look for emails that have a word you chose. After that, you use a “Router” module. It’s like a mail sorter who decides where to send the emails based on your rules.

Finally, you tell the system where to send these emails. You can choose to send them to different people in your team, based on what the email is about.

The Perks of Using Automated Email Forwarding

Using Automated Email Forwarding through can really help you in many ways:

  • Less Spam: It helps keep unwanted emails out of your main inbox.
  • Better Team Work: It makes sure the right people in your team get the important emails without delay.
  • More Time: It does everything automatically, so you don’t have to spend time sorting emails yourself.

These benefits mean you can do your work better and faster without getting stuck sorting your emails all day.

Extra Tips for Using also has some cool settings you can use:

  • Keep Things Private: There’s a setting that helps keep your email details safe.
  • Order Matters: You can make sure your emails are sorted one at a time in the right order.
  • Avoid Losing Data: There’s a setting that helps make sure no important data is lost even if there’s a problem.

By using these tips and tools, helps you set up Automated Email Forwarding easily, making your email management much smoother and more efficient.


Automated Email Forwarding is a great way to handle your emails smartly with It lets you focus on the important messages by automatically sorting and forwarding emails where they need to go. This way, you save time, reduce clutter, and make sure important emails get to the right people quickly. With the simple setup and helpful settings at, managing your inbox becomes a breeze, leaving you more time for other tasks.

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