Boost Efficiency and Client Satisfaction: How to Automate Client Intake with Clio Manage and

The guide Automate Client Intake with Clio Manage and shows how using both tools together can streamline your client intake process, making your daily tasks easier and improving your clients’ experience. Here are some key learnings from the article:

  • Setting up your account on Clio Manage to manage client data.
  • Connecting Clio Manage with to automate tasks.
  • Creating workflows in that start when new clients are added.
  • Testing the system to ensure it works correctly.
  • The benefits of automation in saving time and enhancing client satisfaction.

Automate Client Intake with Clio Manage and

If you’re looking to streamline your client intake process, combining the powers of Clio Manage and can be a game-changer. This integration simplifies the way you handle new clients and reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks. Let’s dive into how you can set this up and reap the benefits.

Getting Started with Clio Manage

First things first, you’ll need to set up your Clio Manage account. This is where you’ll manage all your client data and workflows. Make sure to include all the necessary fields such as contact details and case information. This setup is key to making sure everything runs smoothly later on.

Connect Clio Manage to

Next, create your account on This platform will help you automate tasks by connecting different services. Once your account is ready, use the API to connect it with your Clio Manage account. This step is crucial as it allows the two systems to work together seamlessly.

Automate Client Intake with Clio Manage and

Now, it’s time to create a workflow in Start by setting a trigger for when a new client is added in Clio Manage. Then, add actions like sending automated emails, scheduling appointments, and collecting client information. You can also set conditions to customize the workflow based on client type or case status.

After setting up your workflow, test it to make sure everything works as expected. If needed, make adjustments to optimize the workflow’s performance and handle any special situations that might arise.

Benefits of Using and Clio Manage Together

By automating your client intake process, you’ll simplify your workflow and free up time for more important tasks. This not only boosts your efficiency but also enhances the client experience. They’ll receive prompt communications and professional service right from the start, which can greatly increase their satisfaction and loyalty to your firm.

Overall, using and Clio Manage together helps your firm operate more smoothly and effectively. It’s a smart move that can lead to better client relationships and a more successful business.


In conclusion, learning how to Automate Client Intake with Clio Manage and can really help make things easier in your firm. By setting up and connecting these tools, you can save time by having things like emails and appointments happen automatically when you get a new client. This means you can do more important tasks and keep your clients happy right from the start, helping your business grow and do well.

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