Boost Customer Engagement: How Automated Twilio Survey Reminders Enhance Feedback Collection

The article explains how Automated Twilio survey reminders can help businesses easily contact their customers to fill out surveys. Here are some important things you will learn:

  • How to connect Twilio with your account to send messages.
  • Setting up a process to automatically send reminders when needed.
  • Ways to make your reminder messages special for each customer.
  • The best times to send these reminders to get more answers.
  • How using these reminders can make your customers happier and your team’s job easier.

Streamline Your Customer Feedback with Automated Twilio Survey Reminders

Are you looking for a way to enhance customer engagement and ensure timely feedback? Automated Twilio survey reminders might just be the solution you need! Utilizing’s powerful automation tools, businesses can effectively manage and send reminders for customer satisfaction surveys through Twilio.

Easy Steps to Set Up Automated Twilio Survey Reminders

First, you need to integrate Twilio with your account. This is a simple process where you log into Make, add a Twilio module to your scenario, and create a connection using your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token. This setup allows Make to send SMS reminders directly from Twilio.

Next, create a new scenario in Make that will serve as the backbone of your automation. Add a trigger based on events like customer feedback. For instance, if you use Salesforce, you can set the “Send Survey” action to initiate the reminder once a customer provides feedback.

Customizing Your Survey Reminders

With the scenario in place, add a Twilio module and configure it to send SMS reminders. You can personalize these reminders using Make’s templating features. Include details like the customer’s name and a direct link to the survey, making the message more engaging and personal.

Finally, schedule the reminders at optimal times to boost response rates. Twilio’s scheduling feature can send messages at predefined times or after specific delays, ensuring your reminders are timely and effective.

Benefits of Using Automated Twilly Survey Reminders

Automated Twilio survey reminders bring numerous advantages. They enhance customer satisfaction by keeping your audience engaged and reminding them to share their feedback. Automation reduces the need for manual tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more strategic activities. Furthermore, personalized messages increase the likelihood of customers completing your surveys, providing you with valuable insights to improve your services.

Here’s an example of how a reminder might look:

Trigger: Customer Feedback
Action: Send Reminder SMS
Twilio > Send Message
  - To: {{ customer.phone_number }}
  - Message: "Hi {{ }}, please complete our satisfaction survey at {{ survey_link }}. Thank you for your feedback!"

By setting up automated Twilio survey reminders using, you can streamline your processes, enhance customer interaction, and gather essential feedback efficiently. This not only improves the overall customer experience but also bolsters your business’s communication strategy.


In summary, Automated Twilio survey reminders are a great tool for businesses to make sure they hear from their customers. Using makes this process easy and personalized. These reminders help businesses get important feedback which can make their services better, while also keeping customers involved and satisfied. This smart use of technology saves time and works efficiently, giving businesses a better way to connect with their customers.

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