In this article, you will learn the best ways to automate is a popular project management tool that is designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs be more productive. As a result of using, your team will stay on top of your tasks and projects by organizing everything in one place. is a great way to track tasks and to view the current state of your business.

Additionally, is a great place to collaborate with your employees, co-founders or business partners on projects and tasks for different businesses. With, everyone knows what needs to be done today - tomorrow - next week.

You can also create your own integrations or use third-party applications, such as Integromat, to automate workflows.

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Using Integromat to Automate

With Integromat you can automate a wide range of tasks for and save time by creating automated workflows that involve over 1000+ apps, services & tools from the Integromat library. This way you don't have to lose productivity on manually importing data into your reporting software or manually sending dozens of emails every day – instead

The following are examples of automating tasks using Integromat:

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Create Monday Item from Google Form Submissions

This Integromat template automatically creates a item when a Google Form submission is received.

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Create Monday Item from a Slack Message

This Integromat template automatically create a item when a Slack message is received from a specified user.

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Archive All "Done" Tasks in a Board or a Group

This Integromat template can be scheduled on an hourly, daily or weekly interval to search for and archive items that have a specific "Done" status.

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Send an Email Reminder to a User 24 Hours Before a Task is Due

This Integromat template can be scheduled on a daily basis to search for tasks that are due within the next 24 hours, an send an email reminder to the assigned user.

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