Integromat Pricing, Plans and Parameters

By Andy O'Neil

Understanding Integromat Pricing, Plans and Parameters

Integromat offers a FREE plan for up to 1000 operations and 100MB data transfer.

Current Integromat Pricing Plans:

  • Integromat Basic Plan: $9/month
  • Integromat Standard Plan: $29/month
  • Integromat Business Plan: $99/month
  • Integromat Platinum Plan: $299/month

Need an Integromat Account? Visit to create your account. This special link will allow you to sign up for your first month of Integromat with all of the Basic Plan features for FREE (a $9.00 value).

Integromat is a powerful and economical visual no-code development tool with many plans and parameters. In this video, we will look at the different pricing plans and understand the differences between the plans and the options that each plan offers.

But first, if you have not already created an Integromat account, visit to create your account. This special link will allow you to sign up for your first month of Integromat with all of the Basic Plan features for free.

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Let’s look at the pricing plans. Note, the plans shown are accurate as of July 2021.

All Integromat paid accounts have access to the same functionalities and features such as access to all premium modules, an unlimited number of modules in a scenario.

The paid accounts differ most prominently by the number of operations and the amount of data that can be used every month.

0:00 Introduction to Integromat Pricing
0:15 Create an Integromat Account
0:35 Integromat Plans Overview
1:06 Request a Custom Plan from Integromat
1:30 Operations
1:55 Data Transfer
2:10 Minimum Interval
2:23 Maximum number of Active Scenarios
2:36 Scenario Execution Timeout
2:51 Internal Data Storage
3:28 Maximum Number of Data Stores
3:44 Webhook queue size
4:06 Incomplete executions store
4:25 Price per 10,000 Extra Operations or 10 Gigabytes of Data Transfer
4:47 Unlimited Number of Scenarios
5:10 Customer Support
5:26 Premium Support
5:44 Cooperation of Multiple Users
6:00 Advanced Scheduling

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