Automate with Integromat

In this live build video, I will show you how To automate status changes with Integromat.

It is easy to Automate status changes.

In this video, I build (from start to finish) an Integromat scenario that will update the status of items when they are older than 30 days. This scenario will automate statuses on a daily basis. It’s really simple to set up and can save you time!

0:00 Video Intro
0:36 Use Case for LinkedIn Connection Request to Automate
1:38 Review of Board
2:28 Creating the Scenario Trigger
2:51 Search Items in the Board by Column Values Module
5:25 Saving Scenarios and Setting Previous Version for Restoring Your Scenario
5:51 Testing the Search Trigger
6:10 Creating the Update Column Values of a Specific Item
8:07 Creating a Filter with Add Date Function
9:15 Testing the Add Date Function with Compose String Tools Module
9:55 Checking the Action
10:07 Testing the Scenario
10:32 Scenario Scheduling for Daily Run
10:51 Final Testing of Scenario
11:31 Counting Used Integromat Scenario Operations
11:51 Reviewing the Filter
12:30 Total Operations Used Count
12:40 Wrap Up

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