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We Help You Grow Your Business by Clarifying and Automating Your Most Critical Business Processes

Clarify Your Processes

Automate Your Workflows

Gain Process Visibility

What Hinders the Growth of Your Business?

Process Chaos

Frustrated because your processes are not completed the same way, every time?

Manual Tasks

Frustrated with the volume of manual tasks your team has to complete every week?

Human Errors

Frustrated with the number of human errors that are introduced into your process?

Lack of Data

Frustrated with the lack of information about the current status of your business?

Say Goodbye to the Process Frustrations that Keep Your Business from Growing

Bring Clarity to Your Processes

Maybe you’ve been running a small business for a while now and your core processes have become too complex for your team to reliably execute...creating unpredictable results. If so, it’s time to bring clarity to your processes and clearly document them so that you can take the necessary steps to automate your business.

Automate Key Business Workflows

Maybe the thought of turning your business processes into automated workflows is overwhelming (we get it, no judgment here). If so, maybe it’s time to let us guide you through the process of eliminating manual tasks and eradicating human errors with automation.

Create Real-Time Data Visibility

Maybe you are tired of downloading spreadsheets and crunching numbers just to get a fleeting glimpse of how your business is performing. If so, it’s time to leverage automation to provide you with real-time insights about your critical business systems.

Automating Your Business Should Build a Strong Foundation for Future Business Growth

Sarah Von Dreele
"As a product manufacturer with multiple distribution channels specific to a trade-facing industry, Andy O'Neil quickly understood manufacturing workflow and the necessity of a tool to streamline the process. The sales dashboard he built for my brand created efficiencies to ensure accuracy and foster profitability, all while providing a foundation for scalability."

Automating Your Business Should Be an Investment Into the Future Productivity of Your Business

"In the many years I’ve worked with Andy O’Neil, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word ‘no’ or been told it’s not possible. All I have to do is tell him what we want to do and he finds a way to accomplish it. Not only does he accomplish it, but in a way that automates the process so we don’t have to touch it again. He’s great at taking our day-to-day needs and turning them into almost-never needs."

Just a Few of the Popular Platforms We Automate


HubSpot CRM





Google Sheets

Google Sheets


MS 365 Excel

Automate QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online










HubSpot CRM




Google Apps


Microsoft 365 Apps

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Weblytica Helps You Grow Your Business by Clarifying and Automating Your Most Critical Business Processes

How to Get Started...

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Together we will discuss the needs of your business and how we would recommend bringing automation to your business.

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We will work with your goals and budget to design a plan to bring clarity to your processes and to automate your workflows.

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Automate Your Business

We will work with you to clarify your business processes and implement automation so your business can scale.